Sponsored Parent (Temporary visa)

Sponsored Parent (Temporary visa)

With the increasing queuing time of the permanent parent visa pathway, subclass 870 was developed to accommodating parents that wish to live in Australia with their family on a permanent temperate base. This visa allows parents to live temporarily in Australia for three years or five years without needing to depart Australia during their visa and does not require the parent to meet the Balance of Family Test.

This visa involves a two-step process:

  • Apply and have approved Parent Sponsor before you can lodge an application for the visa.
  • Lodge your offshore visa application within six (6) months of the sponsorship approval.

Note: onshore application can be requested with compassionate reasons, if approved need to be lodged within 60 days.

Sponsor must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Demonstrate a minimum taxable income of $83,454.80 in the previous completed financial year. The salary of the child’s partner and/or siblings (if in Australia) can be combined to meet this amount.
  • Meet character requirements.
  • Have met any previous sponsor obligations.
  •  Hold Australian citizenship, PR or be an eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • Have no outstanding public health or debts to the Commonwealth unless payment arrangements are in place.
  • Provide police clearances if required.
  • Agree to share information with visa applicant.
  • Have no adverse information relating to them unless this information can reasonably be disregarded.
  • Agree to comply with sponsorship obligations in relation to the parent(s) they are sponsoring.

The applicant must meet:

  • be sponsored by a person who is an approved parent sponsor.
  • be at least 18 years of age.
  • provide evidence of access to funds
  • provide evidence of health insurance
  • not have an outstanding public health debt (unless appropriate arrangements have been made to repay the debt)
  • satisfy health, character, and national security requirements.