Migration FAQ

I want to become a permanent resident of Australia, what should I do?
There is no simply answer to this question, based on each individual circumstances, which will have very different solutions. We strongly recommend anyone with the intention of migrating to Australia to see a registered migration agent (RMA) to seek professional help and advice for the best suited visa option for you.

In general, Australian has 5 permanent visas categories: Family, Employer Sponsored, Business, General Skilled Migration (GMS) and Refugee. Please consider your general direction, this would help RMA to find a visa option for you.

Why should I choose Tasmania as my residing state?
Tasmania, the island state of Australia, lies 40 degrees south of the equator. An archipelago of more than 334 islands in the temperate zone of the southern hemisphere, it is a land of dramatic coastlines, rugged mountains, spectacular wilderness and sparkling highland lakes.

Tasmanians breathe some of the world’s cleanest air and can enjoy rainwater of extraordinary purity. Unpolluted coastal seas and rich, fertile soils enable them to produce the finest foods.

Tasmania’s education sector is steadily building up its international enrolments. Because of the clean, safe environment, value for money, a wide range of subjects, low cost of living and high standards of teaching, increasing numbers of international students are learning in Tasmanian institutions. The range of subjects is enormous, with special, local expertise in hospitality, Antarctic and Southern Ocean studies, environment and wilderness studies, aquaculture, agriculture, fisheries and the arts.

There are so many more reasons why you should choose Tasmania as your point of destination, please see the link below for more information.


I am already in Australia. Can you give me advice concerning my visa?
Yes! If you are in Australia, we can advise you on any migration issue, including helping you to:

  • Extend your current visa
  • Apply for a different visa
  • Become a Permanent Resident of Australia
  • Become an Australian Citizen
  • Communicate with the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs
  • Deal with the cancellation of your visa
  • Appeal against a Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs decision